CEW Solutions and its predecessor have been providing businesses in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania with investigative services for over a decade. Starting from a strong specialization in insurance claims investigations and surveillance our locally-owned offices add expertise across the range of investigations required by organizations doing business in the Delaware Valley and Mid-Atlantic regions. If your needs require a broader geographic coverage from time to time, CEW Solutions, through its affiliation with NAC, can provide that coverage.

We maintain experienced investigators. This means that we can reach any area with trained professionals without having to subcontract to investigators that we don’t know and you may not be able to trust.

All assignments are managed centrally and all reports and evidence pass through our Director of Operations. This ensures that we maintain a consistent quality control standard that is second to none in the industry. We combine the best elements of local, professional investigators and the central management of a larger organization.

CEW Solutions has attracted and retained a roster of satisfied clients through our consultative approach to investigations. We emphasize clear and concise communications and engage our clients as decision makers over the course of the investigation. Our work is our best advertising. Contact us for client testimonials and sample reports.